Accommodation in Belgrade – Manga Hostel review

There’s a wide range of possible accommodation in Serbia’s capital city but budget travellers can certainly find some lovely places to explore Belgrade from. I really enjoyed the Manga Hostel.

Manga Hostel Belgrade, single bedroomUpon arrival I was greeted by Igor, who is a massively chilled out, really friendly and helpful guy. I think the Manga Hostel is his baby and he cares to make guests feel at home. I was offered freshly made, extremely thick, Turkish coffee for instance. All the staff are great though, all are chatty and work really hard to keep the place in top condition. I do not envy the cleaning regime that makes it that spotless! There is a basic but tasty breakfast spread with breads, jams, fruit, cereal which was free for guests of more than two nights when I stayed there.

Manga Hostel Belgrade, Serbia, single bedroomI wanted a few days to myself after a hectic couple of weeks so I booked the single room. It was really cosy and nicely spacious for one person. Only one quibble with it – nowhere to hang a wet towel. A hook on the back of the door, or a rail on one of the many free walls would be handy. But I improvised perfectly well with the stool and the catch on the window anyway. There is air conditioning if you want it, but I slept with the window open and come to think of it I never noticed the remote control for the unit.

Location is pretty good, by St Mark’s church and the Parliament building. It’s a fifteen minute walk to the main restaurant and cafe areas so it’s not quite as perfect a location as some of the other places I stayed, but really this is a minor issue because it’s still very acceptably central.

Manga Hostel Belgrade, single bedroomFun-wise it doesn’t seem like the most raucous hostel in the world because the outside communal area is at the base of a residential block so they try to keep noise to a considerate level. But, every night seems to involve someone rounding people up for a bar crawl or night of clubbing. No pressure, but it’s there if you wanted it.

Manga Hostel Belgrade, single bedroomSecurity-wise I would say the place is very safe. There is always someone on reception and they keep an eagle eye on who’s new. The only daunting thing would be that at night you have to pass through a very dark entrance to the car park. That could explain some people’s reservations about security here but it’s hard to see how the hostel alone could remedy it.

I would recommend this hostel to anyone. It is, by far, the cleanest hostel I’ve ever stayed in. It was pretty much spotless. That and the brilliant staff make this place a winner.

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