Alco-casualties and exploring Riga solo

I completely forgot to finish off my Riga stag-do series so here’s a little bit about the city…

After writing two fairly in-depth accounts of two days of shenanigans in Riga I completely forgot to actually cover the few hours I was able to get a bit of a look around. After delivering the sozzled dead-weight that was Martyn back to our hostel room I crashed to sleep and awoke the next day feeling pretty reasonable. In start contrast to my two best men, who looked like extras from Shaun of the Dead.

Sleepy Martyn with live-giving water, Fun Friendly Frank's hostel, Riga

I cleared the thick paste of makeup from my face and discovered that I didn’t look too bad either. Martyn could not hide his disappointment that I seemed to be unaffected by alcohol in Riga. We descended to the hostel’s reception and picked up bottles of water while he rested his head on the bar. I turned my critical eye onto Zak, who appeared to be coping fairly well. Though bear in mind he’d expelled most of his alcohol intake about two hours after he took it on…

Martyn, unable to do anything in RigaWe headed back to the same Latvian food restaurant as the day before and I stuffed my face until my grin stopped more food from entering. The reason for the grin was that Martyn was slumped over the table pretty much unresponsive. Attempts to pour orange juice down him were only partially successful and soon he was shaking his head and refusing to open his eyes any more. Feeling like bad things were about to happen in public he staggered away to the toilet. Zak’s amusement soon subsided as a wave of hangover overtook him too. Suddenly it was just me having a lovely time.

Zak, before he had an alcohol crash, Riga

Martyn came back a good twenty minutes later and told us that he’d been asleep on the floor, only to be awoken by a confused patron. With that we decided that fresh air would be the best antidote and headed for a strip of grass along the riverside. A few messy incidents along the way confirmed that he was extremely worse for wear. Only my agility prevented my trainers from becoming another of his victims. By the time we reached the river both of them were pale and silent – Uh-oh…

Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Riga, Latvia

They fell asleep and I went off for a stroll, by myself. Here’s a selection of the views I recorded in my two hours alone. A lovely little circuit of a capital city I can’t really do justice for.

The two passed out Englishmen in Riga

The Daugava river beside Riga's old town

The riverfront in Riga has a lot of nice little graffiti's

'Big Christopher', the founder and saviour of Riga, Latvia

Pretty buildings along Citadeles Iela, Riga

Arsenala Iela, Riga

Some of the many sculpted heads along Torna Iela, Riga

Torna Iela, Riga Latvia

Powder Tower, Riga, Latvia

Happy head in Bastejkalns Park, Riga, Latvia

One of them there padlock bridges, Riga, Latvia

My favourite padlock on the bridge in Bastejkalns Park, Riga, Latvia

The huge number of padlocks on the bridge in Riga, Latvia

The Freedom Monument, Riga, Latvia

A vibrant city centre square in Riga, Latvia

Peek-a-boo church in Riga

So, I returned to the river and found both of them completely out for the count. I eventually got Zak to raise his deathly-white face and got some signals that all was still not well, the rattle in his throat betraying his fears, so on I went. Martyn had remained so still that a family of wrens had started to nest upon his groin.

The Riga tram running over the 'stone bridge'

Now I don’t know whether you can make out the two sullen figures in this next shot but that was a 12x zoom image of my two zombie friends, risen from the dead and coming to find me about 20 minutes later…

Spotted - Zak and Martyn, raised from the dead, Riga, Latvia

Riga town square is very pretty

Remember to look at the rooftops when you are in Riga

The enormous TV tower, on a river island several kilometres outside Riga's Old Town

Martyn in Riga airport, very hungoverI corralled my buddies into a burger joint and demolished the Latvian version of an Extra Value Meal. Zak was regaining his strength, again, but Martyn barely touched his. Time was running short so we headed to the airport. The bus ride there was extremely hot and we careered around every curve at top speed. We lost Martyn the moment we got off at the airport. He lurched off into the bushes as though he was hunting a boar. He re-emerged about 15 minutes later, after another nap. The poor guy was a write-off for the whole journey back to the UK.


Never fear though, I got my just desserts the following week when I was compelled to drink waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much in London’s Soho gay bars. Martyn’s cry of triumph when he conquered my stomach’s capacity for alcohol was the death-knell to my unmarried life, and the conclusion to an awesome set of parties organised by two incredible people. Much love, Zak and Martyn. My apologies to Riga for not even scratching the surface of it’s day-life, but I sure can vouchsafe its nightlife!

4 thoughts on “Alco-casualties and exploring Riga solo

  1. You see, you can have a great time on your own, don’t need a travel companion. Great day 🙂

    • Indeed! It’s been a pretty long time since I had any more than a few hours alone in a foreign place. I enjoy it. That said, Riga isn’t intimidating to navigate by yourself whereas Bangkok was more of a shock to the system!

  2. Chris sucks eggs says:

    great (albeit less than flattering for me) post! you forgot the final picture though:

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