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Brilliant Beijing

Having now left Beijing I can say for certain I need to go back one day and do it again. It’s a fascinating place. Tweet
The length of the Trans-Mongolian train as we pass through northern China

The Trans-Mongolian experience

I’m sitting in the basement bar of our hotel sipping a cold beer (first cold one for many days) and reflecting on the past week on a train. It’s been amazing. As soon as we arrived at Yaroslavl train station in Moscow we met Mats (Swede), Rob and Tim (Dutch). They were wandering around checking […]

Hello, and welcome to the plan!

11/10/2011 Note: What follows are my earliest attempts at travel blogging, my trip across Asia and Australia in 2007.  It was cut short after the hosting site had a massive server crash and lost a few of my posts.  For me that was disastrous and stopped me posting any more.  Having rediscovered these I’ve decided […]