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A street, Dunavska, in Novi Sad, Serbia - at night it's hugely busy with people parading the 'korso'

Novi Sad and the Petrovaradin Fortress

Novi Sad is the second city of Serbia, capital of the Vojvodina region.  It’s a beautiful and historic small city beside the Danube and more that holds its own as a place to see in this part of the Balkans. Tweet
A cycling route along the Danube, created by David Mayos on Tripline

Cycling the Danube – Black to Black

I’m seriously thinking about cycling the Danube with as many friends as I can muster. I think it’d be a stunning trip from the Black Forest of Germany all the way to the Black Sea. Tweet
The confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers in Belgrade at sunset

Serbia, and the benefit of research

Almost three weeks of barely scratching the surface of this fascinating country. With its inscrutable people and endless scenic variety I’m left wondering what other delights await me when I return here one day. However, I do feel I’ve delved just deeply enough to find something special here. Tweet

Belgrade Base – Three Black Catz hostel/apartment review

Sometimes you meet hostel owners who really deserve all the success in the world. Mladen and his wife at The Three Black Catz in Belgrade are two such people. Battling never-ending Serb government bureaucracy and making their visitors feel as welcome as possible. Tweet
Manga Hostel Belgrade, single bedroom

Accommodation in Belgrade – Manga Hostel review

There’s a wide range of possible accommodation in Serbia’s capital city but budget travellers can certainly find some lovely places to explore Belgrade from. I really enjoyed the Manga Hostel. Tweet