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Hong Kong & Macau

Ok, I’ve been very poor at updating all this over the past few weeks. For several reasons like lack of time and any internet connection. But at least I’m doing it now! Tweet

Zhaoqing and Dinghu Shan

After a pretty easy journey we arrived bright and early in Zhaoqing. We got our picture taken by a girl we’d been chatting to on the train and strolled out the main entrance straight into a massive chorus of ‘HELLO!’ from about 40 cabbies all vying for our fare. We approached cautiously when they were […]

Gulang Yu (AHA!)

Whenever I say “Gulang Yu” that bloody ABBA song makes me go “Aha!” in my mind… Tweet

Shanghai – Hmmmmmmm

We got off the train and hopped onto the metro with ease. They have a smart card system similar to home but a single journey costs 3Y instead of nearly 3 pounds. Unless it’s gone up again? We worked our way through the crowds and the oppressive heat to our proposed beds, the Captain Hostel. […]

Smoggy, sweaty Xi’an

Xi’an, the ancient capital and the place they call the ‘cradle of China’. Right in the centre of China this place is supposed to have more archaeology around it than anywhere else in the country. Needless to say we were drawn here by the Army Of The Terracotta Warriors but Xi’an was a very interesting […]

Pretty Pingyao

Yes, I’m now very late writing this but we’ve had so little time to spend on the internet that it gets hard to keep up. I’m now in Shanghai and need to write about Xi’an too. We leave Shanghai for Hangzhou tomorrow… Tweet

Brilliant Beijing

Having now left Beijing I can say for certain I need to go back one day and do it again. It’s a fascinating place. Tweet
The length of the Trans-Mongolian train as we pass through northern China

The Trans-Mongolian experience

I’m sitting in the basement bar of our hotel sipping a cold beer (first cold one for many days) and reflecting on the past week on a train. It’s been amazing. As soon as we arrived at Yaroslavl train station in Moscow we met Mats (Swede), Rob and Tim (Dutch). They were wandering around checking […]