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My ugly mug and my travel shirts

The case for taking linen to the tropics

In the run up to taking my honeymoon in Mexico and Belize I specifically looked into taking linen clothing as an alternative to cotton and synthetic materials. Tweet
Demonstrating the Mountain King Trail Blaze trekking poles disassembled into folded position

The day I grew two extra legs – or my trekking pole review

I had been walking for several miles already. My pack was whispering to me “Try them. Go on, trrrryyyyy them…” and I couldn’t resist any more. One minute later I had four legs instead of two and my arms were scissoring through the day’s route. Trekking poles – a strange new way to walk. Tweet

Travel towels are great

Super absorbent, lightweight, and fairly cheap – Microfibre travel towel will ensure that you never take a regular towel on any trip ever again. When I was 11 I went on a school trip to the south-west of France.  It was a sailing trip and my ‘skills’ ensured that after the week long trip I […]

My packing lists

Lots of people have trouble deciding what to take with them on any trip.  Yes, your bag will dictate the excesses you can afford to bring but I approach it from a slightly different angle.  I have a basic list that is appropriate for any destination and then I have supplementary items that make life […]

Packing light, the bag is key – Regatta Survivor 35l review

In my drive to reduce the weight and bulk of my travelling experiences I did a lot of searching to find the right backpack for me.  I have used a 55+15 litre pack in the past but I knew that was too much for me.  Even though it was an excellent pack I decided that […]

Sleep tight – Thermarest Neo-Air inflatable mattress review

If you’re anything like me you’ll relish your sleep.  There’s little better than having a comfortable place to crash.  When it comes to camping that has been cruelly denied to me for my whole life so far.  But now I have a lovely new lightweight sleeping mattress to whisk me off to nod, keeping me […]