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Trip Planning

My ugly mug and my travel shirts

The case for taking linen to the tropics

In the run up to taking my honeymoon in Mexico and Belize I specifically looked into taking linen clothing as an alternative to cotton and synthetic materials. Tweet
Celebrating Chris Booth...

My surprise stag do…

So, I get married next month.  The call of the stag do/bachelor party looms large on the horizon.  My best friends ‘plot my demise’… Tweet
The huge robot from Laputa: Castle in the sky, Ghibli Museum

The magical Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo

Totoro To-torrrro, Totoro To-torrrro!  If you’ve never heard those words before you a) haven’t seen My Neighbour Totoro.  b) haven’t hung around enough Japanese children.  c) haven’t lived! Tweet
Stromatolites in Hamelin Pools, Shark Bay, Western Australia

Australian stromatolites – Wonderous building blocks of life on Earth

Stromatolites are some of the oldest forms of life on this planet.  Without them it is very likely that life as we know it would not exist, it would be something extremely alien to us.  Australia is home to at least two impressive colonies of these microbes and I visited both.  For anyone at all […]
People lucky enough to have been thrown into a volcano. Perhaps for not saying 'Bless you' after someone sneezed, Haw Par Villa Singapore

Hell on Singapore – Haw Par Villa

Following closely in the heels of my blog about the Meguro Parasitological Museum I thought it only fair that I continue to bring you stories full of gore and torment. Singapore didn’t generally float my boat, I found it rather dull compared to its regional cousins. It seems that quite a few backpackers feel the […]