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Things eating dead flesh, Meguro Parasitological Museum, Tokyo

Tokyo’s Meguro Parasitological Museum got under my skin…

Tokyo was a bit of strange city for me.  Some museums were shut when they weren’t supposed to be and large swathes of others were shut for renovation but still cost full whack.  After we’d visited the Ghibli Museum that led us to look further down our Tokyo hit-list and head towards the Meguro Parasitological […]

Following in the footsteps of Ludlow & Sherriff – Backpacking Bhutan, Kashmir and Tibet

I work for the Natural History Museum in London. I spent three months this summer creating catalogue records for several thousands of photographs taken by the Botanists/Soldiers/Explorers/Teachers/Photographers/Ornithologists that were Frank Ludlow and George Sherriff.  What I saw then has been bothering me for months so now I’m seriously considering re-tracing their steps in my own […]

My packing lists

Lots of people have trouble deciding what to take with them on any trip.  Yes, your bag will dictate the excesses you can afford to bring but I approach it from a slightly different angle.  I have a basic list that is appropriate for any destination and then I have supplementary items that make life […]

Packing light, the bag is key – Regatta Survivor 35l review

In my drive to reduce the weight and bulk of my travelling experiences I did a lot of searching to find the right backpack for me.  I have used a 55+15 litre pack in the past but I knew that was too much for me.  Even though it was an excellent pack I decided that […]
The proposed London to Skye route

London to Skye – The route…

I spent quite a bit of time researching long distance paths and their alternatives as a way to reach Scotland by foot. I had only one criteria by which the trip was to be set-up and that was that I wanted to avoid road walking as much as possible.  Tweet

Walking from London to the Isle of Skye

This idea has been bubbling around my noggin for about 3 years. I now have a damn fine route laid out and a pretty fair estimate of how long it’ll take. My reasons? Well, my Dad lives on the Isle of Skye, I live in London. I want to discover more of my own countryside. […]
A cycling route along the Danube, created by David Mayos on Tripline

Cycling the Danube – Black to Black

I’m seriously thinking about cycling the Danube with as many friends as I can muster. I think it’d be a stunning trip from the Black Forest of Germany all the way to the Black Sea. Tweet