Cycling the Danube – Black to Black

I’m seriously thinking about cycling the Danube with as many friends as I can muster. I think it’d be a stunning trip from the Black Forest of Germany all the way to the Black Sea.

A cycling route along the Danube, created by David Mayos on Tripline

The route is a massive one, taking in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. A total of around 1,785 miles (2,872 km) through 9 countries!

At a gentle pace that appears to be about 5-6 weeks of gentle riding with a few rest days for sightseeing included. I wonder if I will be able to fit this in. Once my uni studies are finished in June 2012 I’ll be free to think about putting some plans together. With employment in the museum sector still patchy at best there is potential for this to go ahead if another substantial gap appears, and if I have the funds…

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6 thoughts on “Cycling the Danube – Black to Black

  1. hi there, was searching for a blog i was involved in writing about this very cycle path (in 2011) when stumbled across your plan. If you fancy a look at pictures and a description of the route have a gander at :

    Due to work commitments we did this is 21 days. Basically sight seeing every evening, cycling during every day. Was incredible! 5-6 weeks will give you plenty of time for sight seeings etc and once your past hungary its cheap as chips so money isn’t too much of a problem. Couldn’t recommend this highly enough if your still thinking of doing it….enjoy!

    • Hey Jonny, thanks very much for your comment – I will set about reading that entire blog over the Christmas break! I definitely still want to do this. I can’t think of a better way to get to grips with Europe than riding it’s greatest river. Work commitments will probably play a large part in my planning too so it’s comforting to know that 21 days is good enough. I managed to savage one of my knees whilst walking this year so several of my bigger plans have had to be put on the backburner, but 2013 will be the year of achievements dammit!

  2. Rolf Mueller says:

    Hi Chris, have you done the trip already or are you still intend to perform the trip?

    • Hi Rolf, I’m afraid I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Last year was a bit of a mess as we were buying a house. It’s still VERY MUCH on my agenda though. I will look into planning in the near future and see what can be fit in. I will certainly write up the experience.

      • Rolf Mueller says:

        Hi Chris, perhaps I’m doing it before you because I want start in June. I would like to start at the spring in Donaueschingen and going up at least to the Delta. I have some relatives in the Ukraine, which I could visit if I would add another 800km. Wish you all the best for your plans. Rolf

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