Hello, and welcome to the plan!

11/10/2011 Note: What follows are my earliest attempts at travel blogging, my trip across Asia and Australia in 2007.  It was cut short after the hosting site had a massive server crash and lost a few of my posts.  For me that was disastrous and stopped me posting any more.  Having rediscovered these I’ve decided to integrate them to this site.

Hello everybody and welcome to the first post of what will be my travel blog!

On May 3rd I will begin my journey to Estonia, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Australia and South East Asia with my friend Martyn at first, to be joined by Kristina later.

The plan is as follows:

I set off with Martyn from London Stansted airport on May 3rd headed to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. From there I’ll be travelling by sleeper train to Moscow (a much more economical and fun way rather than flying direct and expensively to Moscow). A few days later I will board the Trans-Mongolian train bound for Beijing, transiting Mongolia. We have a month to explore China before meeting Kristina in Hong Kong around the 10th June. Then we fly to Australia for several weeks of exploration.

Now the ‘plan’ goes a bit hazy. In early August Kristina will fly home to the UK so that she can start her masters degree, Martyn and I will head to Bangkok in theory. It all depends upon the funds situation. I expect we’ll be fine to delve into Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam etc. I’ll be obtaining a working visa for Australia so I can top up my bank account as I need to.

How long will I be away? I have no idea…

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