Sleeping in a crisp packet – ‘Terra Nova Laser Competition 1’ ultra-lightweight tent review

As part of my ongoing planning for my walk from London to Skye I decided I would invest in super-lightweight camping equipment to make the trip as enjoyable as possible. The Terra Nova Laser Competition 1 tent was my target.

There is nothing worse than tramping long distances with a huge pack. You get irritable from the sweat and strain so it was imperative that I found something small and light to sleep in.

After a lot of research I decided that the Terra Nova Laser Competition was the ideal one-person tent for me. It weighs only 920g and when packed remains very small indeed. Unfortunately this weight and size saving comes at a hefty price of around £300 brand new, in October 2010, if I remember correctly.

Weeks of ‘shall I/shan’t I’ passed before I stumbled across an ex-display item for about £200.
Needless to say I snapped it up and was pleasantly surprised to find it in perfect condition when it arrived.

It is amazingly light and very easy to pitch. The pegs are minuscule titanium things so you do have to be a little more careful than usual when you push them into rocky ground, but with something this well, yet slenderly-built you should always take care anyway.

There’s more room inside than you might expect, given the dimensions and the weight, even though my friends describe it as my ‘crisp packet’ when they see it pitched. I was able to deflate and fold my sleeping mattress and bag with the door zipped shut. I had wondered whether that would be possible as I’m well over 6 feet tall…

The Terra Nova Laser Competition 1, AKA 'Home'
The Terra Nova Laser Competition 1, AKA ‘Home’

I’m yet to test it in heavy rain but there’s a pole cover included to ward off that problem and all the reviews I’ve read suggest this will work just fine.

In summary I’m very well pleased with possibly the most important piece of kit I’ll need for any backpacking.

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