Quick pic: Schloss Neuschwanstein

Wow, Schloss Neuschwanstein in winter more than lived up to its reputation.

We trudged uphill through the snow to Marienbrucke just for this view. It was incredible. It’s less than 200 years old but Ludwig II’s masterpiece is a serious wonder of Europe. As much for its placement as for its architecture. It’s a great day trip from Munich. We were extremely pleased to see that only a tiny portion of the scaffolding remained. The interior is well worth the entry fee too.

Schloss Neuschwanstein in winter, seen from Marienbrucke, Bavaria, Germany


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4 thoughts on “Quick pic: Schloss Neuschwanstein

  1. Beautiful! I’m hoping to go this summer as part of trip with Munich and Salzburg! I didn’t know it was free to enter?! Was there a lot of queuing? I guess by the time I go it will be much busier… Also, are you allowed to take photographs inside? (sorry for the 1001 questions ha!)

    • Hey, the more questions the better I say! And, welcome back!

      I hate to shatter your budget but sadly there is an entry fee. 12 Euros for the Neuschwanstein visit. You have to visit on a guided tour. What happens is that you go into the ticket place at the bottom of the hill and book your English slot, then you climb all the way up (or catch a horse-drawn carriage) and wait for your slot number to appear over the queue entrance. It’s all pretty smooth really. Each tour is limited in size to perhaps 30 people so it is sometimes important to keep close to the guide as he might start talking before all the dawdlers have filed into the next room. If you arrive and the next English tour isn’t for another couple of hours I wouldn’t worry too much as the walk to Marienbrucke takes about half an hour, then you have to go almost all the way back down and up again to get to the castle proper. There are a couple of restaurants and bars on the final stretch so it’s easy to kill time with such beautiful surroundings.

      And, no photos allowed inside. Which is a massive shame as it’s really quite impressive inside too. Of course there is a well-stocked exit-through-gift-shop moment to ‘enjoy’.

      You’ll have a brilliant time in Munich, I loved it.

  2. Silly me, I misread what you wrote! I was expecting an entrance fee anyway, so the shock was thinking it was free! 12 Euros is on the cheaper side in comparison to many other attractions in Europe, so that’s good to hear for someone like me who is perpetually on a budget.

    Shame about the no photos rule, but the exterior will provide plenty of good photos to compensate – it’s truly captivating, I especially like how the cold weather in your photo makes the castle appear like something out of a Gothic horror story.

    • You know when you go somewhere hoping it’ll live up to your expectations? Well this is one of the few places I’ve ever been to that did it, and more. The snow made it even more special for me because the hike up to Marienbrucke was much harder than it might have been. Including barriers and signs warning us not to proceed, which we ignored…

      Stepping onto the bridge and seeing the view just made my face open into a wide grin!

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