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Why do I recommend the products and services I do?

My personal experience is the barometer determining whether I recommend any product or service.  If it isn’t good, it doesn’t get an endorsement and no monetary inducement (read ‘bribe’) will compromise that stance.  I’m honest and forthright in everything I recommend or slate so that you, potential intrepid gap-year travellers, seasoned backpackers, or weekend jaunters can make a balanced decision when you come to spend your hard-earned cash.  If you disagree with my opinion on something I’ve written that’s absolutely fine, comments are welcome at any time!  You are welcome to your opinions and I will stick to mine until my experience of a product or service lets me down.

Until that point I hope that you do utilise the links I put up to help you shop around – always shop around no matter what I post because times change, things go out of date!  If you purchase something using a link on this site then you are helping me to keep exploring too – so for that I THANK YOU in advance!

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