The music that stays with you

You find that certain music forms its own soundtrack to your trips. Whether that’s because you’ve been driving a long way and the pop snippets repeat endlessly on the radio, or because a certain event occurs alongside a particularly evocative piece. I’ve travelled without my own MP3 player on long term trips and I’ve carried one on short breaks. I decide on a whim whether to bring one but invariably a soundtrack will form from the ether which allows me to be brought back several years in time and thousands of miles in space to a certain situation. I will be able to see the sun, feel the wind, taste that beer, and smell that offensively unwashed commuter all over again. I draw great enjoyment from deliberately re-listening to travel music that had that impact. Even if it is, by general consensus, awful.

I’d be interested to hear people’s associations of music widely deemed diabolical with their travel stories.

It may not have a particularly brilliant association but Sneaky Sound System’s ‘UFO’ will always remind me of the drive out of Sydney towards Katoomba in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. The lyric ‘plastic man on the telephone’ becoming a chorus as we skipped along the highway.

And then there’s the version of the Home and Away theme tune that the three of us screamed out as loud as we could whilst driving ‘Hiro’, our rented Hyundai Getz, up the East Coast of Australia into Brisbane.

A Spotify playlist of my 2003 trip in Europe.

Little things that will always bring me back there forever.

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