Travel towels are great

Super absorbent, lightweight, and fairly cheap – Microfibre travel towel will ensure that you never take a regular towel on any trip ever again.

When I was 11 I went on a school trip to the south-west of France.  It was a sailing trip and my ‘skills’ ensured that after the week long trip I won the title of ‘Capsize King’ for over thirty capsizings in two days.  I had an incredible dream on that second night where I could sail my dinghy with complete control.  The following day I was a changed sailor, I only capsized perhaps twice in the following five days and that was due to sabotage by a friend of mine.  So, no more regular dunkings in the murky French lake we were camping beside.

Unfortunately the legacy of those first soggy days stayed with me for the rest of the trip in the amazing smell emanating from my towel.   It never had the opportunity to dry properly and the resulting stench was unholy.  That experience sat with me uneasily but didn’t teach me a final lesson until 2003 when I travelled in Europe for several weeks.  I was on the move regularly and the same smell began to seep from my pack.  The horrible realisation that it was me and not the putrid Cagalell river (Caga meaning shit) flowing under Barcelona’s Rambla led me to purchase a microfibre towel that would dry quickly.

This was a very good buy as they do exactly what they say they will.  The absorbency is surprising considering how thin and light the fabric is – it’s hard to drench the towel even when you have sopping wet hair – girls that’s a tip for you because I’ve seen how much hassle you have with towel-drying hair in hostels.

It’s perfect for backpackers as its MUCH smaller and lighter than any regular towel, and it doesn’t smell at all between washes.  You can pack it while still damp and you won’t be offended when you take it back out later.  Obviously you do still need to wash it as you would a normal towel but everything else about it is far superior.  So much so that I would say its essential for all travellers.

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