Weird Travel Pic #1 – Chinese Penis Destroyer

Travelers take a lot of weird photographs. Here’s the first of a new series where I delve into my own archives and pull out the strangest snaps I possess.

China provided a wealth of oddities for me to admire and puzzle over, but the car-free island of Gulangyu provided more than most. On a gentle stroll around the whole island you will discover a range of inexplicable things such as piped piano music from the shrubbery, and lots of sculptures including strange screaming monkey-man creatures. Music doesn’t make a good photograph, but whilst any of the island’s sculptures could probably have been included in this series I’ll try to refrain from too many from the same place.

This one was (obviously) my favourite as it appears to depict a tough but standoffish man [left] disemboweling his lunging assailant/hugging admirer [right] through the power of his go-go-gadget-penis. Maybe it’s a statement about personal space being invaded? Perhaps the artist felt his masculinity was impinged by an unwelcome public hug? Whatever, this sure sets the record straight doesn’t it.


Chinese penis warrior sculpture on Gulangyu


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8 thoughts on “Weird Travel Pic #1 – Chinese Penis Destroyer

  1. Haha, one of the many reasons why I love China! I definitely don’t think it’s about personal space, because that concept is practically none existent in China. However, a man using his superhuman penis in combat, on the other hand provides a more accurate explanation. 🙂

    • It’s like a deleted scene from ‘Hero’ or ‘Crouching Tiger’… I dunno, I never tested it but aren’t the Chinese generally averse to deliberate friendly physical contact in public places. Unless it’s your partner. I seem to remember that even shaking hands was somewhat frowned upon? I did see a few couples in what looked like very uncomfortable headlocks though. Expressing the message “She’s mine” loud and clear. But they were wearing His’n’Hers track suits so they might have just been insane. Tell me if I’m making sweeping and unfair generalisations though!

      • Oh I’m not referring to ‘friendly physical contact’, by lack of personal space, I mean the complete renouncing of the word ‘queuing’. There’s not such thing as waiting for a taxi in an orderly line, or politely waiting to purchase your eggplant and tomatoes – elbows inevitably get involved hah!

        • Ah gotcha. Yeah, I remember the Chinese government put queuing lessons on before the Beijing Olympics – Amazing!

  2. That looks awful painful. Glad I am not on the receiving end of that ‘go-go-gadget’ penis.

    • Cheers for your comment. Sure does! I’m glad I’m not a violent person because that’s a surprise defence I’d never like to experience…

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