A letter to my Ex

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A letter to my Ex

Baby, I know you and I are miles apart now and have both tried to move on but something happened to me the other day that made me miss you so much. I've been trying to decide all weekend whether or not to tell you about it. I think I will, since it involves a /fantasy/">fantasy you and I always wanted to make come true together. I think I'll start from the beginning so you will understand how this happened.

When I first came out here to Phoenix and went to work for that temporary service, the first place they put me was a two week job at a /office/big-office/">big office building in downtown Phoenix working for some big attorney firm. My job was to enter contract info into the computer and produce legal contracts for a bunch of new clients they had recently acquired. They put a desk in an office with the woman who normally does this job and I worked with her. Over the two weeks I was there, she and I became pretty good friends. We had lunch together everyday or at least she had lunch and I had tea and we talked a lot on the phone. She came to my apartment twice and I also went to a fireworks show with her and her boyfriend and some of their friends. Anyway, you get the picture, she and I were friends. I’ll just call her Kimie. Kimie and I hit it off so well I think because we were stuck together in that office and had plenty of time to talk. Turned out we had a few things in common and she was a great listener. 

I told her all about you (of course). We told each other A LOT about our private lives and got pretty deep with our sexual histories. Getting to the point...........during some of our conversations I told her about the fantasy I never got to make come true with you. The one where you and I have a threesome with another woman. I had told her that I really wanted you and me to share that. I told her that I loved you so much that I wanted to give you everything and make you feel as much pleasure as possible. I told her how much I love making you cum. I probably never should have told her any of it I know, but I always talk about you and she made it so easy. 

After I moved on to another job, Kimie and I remained good friends. She called me last Wednesday evening and told me they had a permanent opening at her firm and if I was interested she would set up an interview. She knows I have been looking for a better job and how much I enjoyed working with her. She told me it started at $18 an hour and that I should interview for it. So I agreed and she set the interview up for Friday at 1. So I went out and bought a sexy little black skirt suit and heels and the whole works (you know how much I love dressing up). I thought it couldn’t hurt anything to help them see what great shape my body is in, so I bought clothes that would make that as obvious as possible. She told me to show up about an hour or so early and she would spend her lunch break giving me some tips. 

This wonderful interview was with SIX attorneys at one time. Needles to say I was a nervous wreck. By the time I got to her office I was pacing the floor and had a hard time breathing normally. I told her that I thought this was a /bad/">bad idea and that I thought I should just leave. WELL SHE HAD A SOLUTION TO CALM ME DOWN!

She said I know just what you need. She took my hand and grabbed her purse and led me to the restroom. She locked the door behind us and said, ’you need a massage’. I laughed because of course she was joking.........right? I thought she was going to try to get me take a nerve pill or something since she brought her purse. So I'm standing their in the middle of this restroom floor and she said, ’take off your panty hose honey’. I laughed again and told her I didn't wear panty hose, and that they were thigh highs. She made this long strange moaning sound that seemed to reveal her happiness with my thigh highs, and I started to get very worried. I told her I thought we had better just get out of there. I was trying not to take this too seriously but it seemed to me she was coming on to me. She said "honey sit on the counter top and talk to me". She told me she knew just how to calm me down. And then she asked me, "doesn't an orgasm always relax you"? ’Ummmmmmmm yes’, I said! And by now I'm giggling quite regularly, still not sure if she's being serious or playing with me. She said "no seriously just sit on the counter top’. 

So, I sat up on the sink counter. She said now just relax and she pushed my shoulders back against the mirror. Yes you guessed it, she then proceeded to spread apart my legs. I quickly squeezed them back together and sat up and asked her what the hell she was doing. She said she was trying to relax me for this interview. I told her thanks but no thanks and that I would be just fine. She pushed my shoulders back again and said come on, let me help you. And then she killed me by saying just the right thing to make me weak.............she said "Dave is here and he wants to watch me lick your pussy". Oh my God! I thought I was in some messed up dream. I said, ’Kimie why are you doing this’. She said "this is between us and no one ever has to know". She told me it would help me relax. ’Just lay back and imagine your Dave is here watching’, she said. And honey, I'm sorry but I gave in. I let her spread my legs. She pushed my skirt up above my hips. The next thing I knew she was pulling my /thong/">thong panties to the side to expose my pussy and she began running her fingers over me. She commented on my "nice" shave job. I giggled some more. 

This was really cracking me up and yet excited me thinking about you being there. Her fingers felt so good as they brushed over my pussy and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. As I started to relax to the feeling of her running her fingers between the lips of my pussy and over my clit, I suddenly realized her tongue was on me now. I looked down and there was this beautiful woman licking my /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy. Instantly I pictured you standing beside her and watching my pussy being licked and then I gave completely into it. I watched her as she worked her tongue in and out of me and circled it around my clit. I remember saying aloud "Look baby, she's eating my pussy and it feels really good". She looked up at me and smiled and then she said ’yes Dave, she tastes very good, watch me eat her’. I closed my eyes and imagined you stroking your /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock while you watched my clit being sucked and my pussy being licked. I could hear you ordering her how and where to lick and suck me. Baby it seemed so real. When I was about to cum I even told you. Out loud I moaned, ’baby she's going to make me cum on her face’. 

Just as I said that I began climaxing. She perfectly and gently licked my clit through every wave of my orgasm and continued until it had completely subsided. She stood up and I tried to compose myself. I was embarrassed. I knew I had said those things out loud. And now there I sat looking at this woman who was my friend with my pussy juice all over her face. She was standing there licking her lips. I giggled again. I started to get ready to leave, but guess what, she wasn't ready to leave. She said ’no, no, no, one won't do’. She pushed my shoulders back and said ’Dave wants me to give you some more’. I smiled and giggled again and said ’I want to give him whatever he wants’. I really wanted you there baby. I could feel you there. She reached under my hips and raised me up and pulled my panties off. Honey, I really got hot and excited. She said ’I have something you will like’. She opened up her purse and pulled out this little 3 inch vibrator. It probably was a little thicker than your middle finger. She reached down and pulled up my ankle and hooked my heel on the back of the chair. So now I was sitting on this counter with old waman xxxgx my skirt bunched up around my waist and my legs spread wide with one leg bent up and my foot resting on the back of chair. I couldn't believe this was happening. My body was so hot. I could feel my clit tingling for attention and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter at the thought of what she was going to do to me. 

After all of the conversations you and I had and how much we wanted the perfect woman to share our fantasy, someone we could trust and someone beautiful, here she was. God baby, I wanted you there so bad. My body was on fire. She began rolling the vibe over my cunt. I didn't even know it was on until it touched me. The thing was silent. She asked me if I liked it and I told her yes so she started pushing in and out of my hot, /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy, while she gently rubbed my swollen and very excited clit with her fingers. Again I completely relaxed and I closed my eyes. Now I could see us in bed. Just as I had that thought she began licking and sucking my clit while she kept pushing the toy inside of me and slowly pulling it out. She was circling my clit with her tongue being careful because she knew I could cum at any second and she wanted to torture me a while I think. I could see you on your knees there beside of me with your hard cock inches from my face as you watched her fuck me with the vibe and lick and suck my clit at the same time. I opened my mouth (and I mean I REALLY opened my mouth) and you placed your beautiful, /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock in my hungry mouth. I could taste your /sweet/">sweet precum baby. I started to suck your cock. I told her I could taste your sweet cum leaking into my mouth. 

She played along with me and said ’yes, he is watching me pleasure you and he is loving it’. ’Suck his cock’, she ordered me. ’Suck his cock while I make you cum’. Baby it drove me /crazy/">crazy. I could feel your hand holding my hair tight and guiding my head over your big rod. My lips clamped around you and my tongue dancing over the top of your cock every time I came up. Honey she shoved that little vibe right in my ass. She kept pushing that thing in and out of my ass while she pushed her tongue in and out of my hot pussy. She was fucking both of my holes baby. I could imagine you staring between my legs and watching this happen to me while I sucked your /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. I could see you with that beautiful sexy look that you get on your face when you are feeling really good and so close to an orgasm. That look always drove me crazy honey and made me cum so many times in the past. She softly tongued my clit and between that and the vibrations while she /ass/ass-fucking/fucked-my-ass/">fucked my ass and mostly the thought of you cumming hard in my mouth while you watched, brought me crashing into an orgasm. It tore through my whole body. 

I know I made a lot of noise. I still wonder if anyone was near enough the bathroom door to hear. She gently licked me until my orgasm let completely up. I realized the countertop beneath me was puddled with my juices. She stood up bokep sma pecah perawan and looked at me and part of me wanted to die. I just stared at her and she stared back at me. I reached over and pulled down some paper towels and dabbed at my swollen pussy and wiped up the counter. I stood up and put my panties back on. The whole time she is washing her face and straightening herself up and keeping her eyes on me. I think we were both wondering what to say. She said, ’I really just wanted to help you’. I told her that she didn't do anything wrong and I hugged her. I told her that it just killed me because I never wanted to have an experience like that without my Dave. I told her she had also been the first one since you to put their mouth on my pussy. I told her I hadn't allowed anyone to do that. I told her I couldn't do this interview and that I just wanted to go home and go to sleep. I took off out of there like lightening. I went back to her office and grabbed my purse and headed for the elevator. 

She came running after me and rode down on the elevator with me. She kept apologizing. She said her boyfriend had asked her (considering some of her and my conversations) if she thought I could be a safe third person for them. I about fainted. I told her I could never do that. I told her I can't help make some other mans fantasy come true when I can't do it for you honey. She stood outside with me while I tried to catch my breath. She had definitely left me breathless. I told her that pleasing you baby was a natural need and desire for me. I told her that the whole experience we just had made me miss you so much more. And then she and I shared another long hug. 

I left there and came back home. I undressed and climbed into bed and began fingering myself as I relived the afternoon I had shared with my friend. I wanted you in that bed with me so much. My imagination once again put you and I and Kimie together and I had another explosive orgasm. The only thing missing was you baby. I hope someday we can experience it for real. I think Kimie and I will be very good friends for a long time to cum.