A pious wife yields to sexual desire

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A pious wife yields to sexual desire

I do not know why at all I selected this woman to have a sexual relation. May be my sixth sense told, she is a good lay in spite of her not so good looks. May be my standards have dropped after I started to get animal pleasures out of my good looking but . May be I had this over ambitious dick trying to conquer a little more

My wife has a very close resemblance to the pictures below,

May be I wanted some thrill out of my pleasure giving skills. May be, may be ".. Forget it; the fact is that I have established a definite sexual relation with this 38 year old auntie, a mother of two children. This auntie has a close resemblance to the one below,

As such my auntie does not have this bountiful a body. Comparatively her body is more worn out than this. But I must admit that my auntie has some streaks of lustful body. Let us call her Madhavi.

Madhavi was neighbor to my wife when my wife was in her pre-degree course. Since Madhavi had lost her parents early she was regarding my wife, Lata's parents as her parents and hence she was almost like a sister to my wife. But she was very much jealous of Lata after Lata got me as her husband. Madhavi's husband was a dull man with limited stamina and a limited interest in sex (this I guessed after few interactions with Madhavi).

Some time in the year 2003.
The first hint of madhavi's liking for me was given to me when we were traveling in an auto together. I was accompanying Madhavi to drop her at the Bus stand. Madhavi openly said "Lata is lucky to have a good husband like you. Every woman does not get a husband like you." Tears came out of her eyes. At that time I got angry with her for her character of self-pity. I thought it was wrong to belittle your own husband when he is really not so .

Some time in February 2006.
The ice broke when Madhavi visited my house in Bangalore to attend a function. I was dead tired after so much hard work and I was feeling depressed due to physical weakness. I was taking her to the Bus stand again (repeating the act of 2003?). I, this time, took a decision to finger the auntie and see if she was ready for a sexual relation. First I kept my left palm near her right thigh and tested her reaction. She was neutral. No reaction. Good, I thought. I now pressed the back of my fingers into the outside of her thigh. She did not move away. In a fit of madness I removed my palm and pushed it roughly behind the small of her back and caressed. Still there was no protest. I knew the sexual relation was on. Then I started moving my left hand on the inner side of her right thigh. Of course all this was being done over layers of saree material. Then I became more adventurous and put my hand on her shoulders, caressed the nape of her neck. I, once, even managed to tease her right nipple in repeated succession.
This exercise had excited me so much, my mouth went dry. My heart was beating fast. I thought I would faint. After all it was my first extra marital sex episode. Just then we reached the Bus Stand. I some how managed to walk normally and sent her off.

Some time in May 2006
After the incident in February 2006, I had started fantasizing the plump house wife in my day dreams. I once even visited her house in March 2006 only for a few hours. I could not manage to fiddle her since her husband was present all the time.
Fate had it so and she had to come to my place again in May only for a day. Again I had to pick her up and her two grown up children from Bus stand at 5.00AM. When I reached home I asked every one including my wife to get another hour of sleep. Then I caught her alone while she was coming out of the bathroom. I pinned her both hands on the wall, all lifted up and exuding the musky aroma from her sweaty armpits. Then I planted a passionate and enduring kiss which kind she might never have experienced. She responded with mild shudder. She had no resistance what so ever. But I knew she was experiencing the double pleasure of capturing Lata's husband and that of illicit sex. I must have kissed her for a good two minute. When I sensed the auntie feeling breathless due to the excitement, I released her.
I slowly turned her back to me. Now I was very slow and delicate in my touches.

I caressed her full body from behind. I realized that I had in fact hit upon a sexy body. Her body was very much youthful in spite of her age. My heart was jumping with joy at the prospect of fucking a ripe auntie.

I was getting unduly excited. I now did a wrong move. I forcibly put her two hands on the wall, pinned them with my hands and kissed her lavishly on her nape and back. She was enjoying the attention with her head down in guilt. But then I suddenly brought my hands down and tried to lift her saree to expose her buttocks. This was too much for her. She freed herself from me and rushed to the bathroom saying she wants to pee.

When she came back she had lost her interest. Though I did kiss her few times, caressed her boobs, caressed her buttocks, the fire was gone. May be she was too exhausted by the sudden attack. I let her be and allowed her to go and sleep.

Sometime in August 2006 :
Fate again took me near her as I had to travel to a place near her town to attend my work. This was totally unexpected. I finished my work during the day and reached her house in the night. I could not do much as her children engaged me all the time. When I got up I had the chance. Her two children were out for school. Her husband was there very much. But I knew I could jump the unsuspecting husband. I took the first chance when her husband was in the toilet. I pulled her to me and, turned her back towards me and drank the musky smell emanating from her nape. I then kissed her on the nape very sensually. I brushed my lips in circular and sidewise motions making her get Goosebumps all over her body. This time she was receiving me well. I then took my hands to her boobs and started caressing them expertly from bottom to top. All along my lips were teasing her on nape and her solid back. Aunty then whispered that her husband is coming and got away from me.

I waited patiently till I got the next chance. I got it when uncle went to have his bath. Madhavi was standing near the kitchen table boiling milk. I attacked her from back, my arms circling her torso and palms resting on the navel. I started sensually caressing her cool and fleshy stomach. Madhavi gave a small shudder and turned her head with a dreamy distant look in her eyes. I knew aunty was being pulled into the well of sexual pleasures. I slowly stretched my neck down and started brushing her small but healthy lips. When she closed her eyes unable to bear the sexual excitement, I planted the biggest of my kisses devouring her lips with mine. My kiss lasted a full 20 seconds. Aunty Madhavi was weak in her knees now and started sinking in my arms. I left her since the sounds from the bathroom five metres away indicated that uncle would come out. I must admire Madhavi's capacity to act " because a woman who had lost her self control few seconds back was behaving very normally as if it was another routine day in her life. But actually life had permanently changed for Madhavi.

Then when I was in the bathroom I called Aunty to show how the hot water could be taken out of the boiler. When the aunty was bending and taking out water I tingled her repeatedly by running my stiff middle finger deep into her ass crevice. Aunty wriggled her ass unable to stand the thrill and looked back at me naughtily 2-3 times. Finally I cupped both her ass cheeks with my two palms, squeezed them lightly but firmly and then Madhavi was let go. All of this was happening while her husband was performing pooja.

Some time in September 2006
My adventures reached bigger heights this time. Fate it was again. Madhavi came to Bangalore to visit Lata's sick father. Lata's father was staying 90 KM further away xnxxv sunny leone video from my home. Madhvi would move to the place in the afternoon.
My wife was having her periods. She was sleeping in a separate room as was the custom. As usual Madhavi reached my home in early morning. I again drove Madhavi from Bus stand along with her . My wife was to have a head bath on her fourth day of periods. While everybody went to sleep, Madhavi was preparing hot water for my wife. Of course I was wide awake.

I stealthily crept up to Madhavi. This time I wanted Madhavi to feel that I own her. So I was calm and I stood behind Madhavi very close sucking her musky aroma emanating from her armpits. I must say here that the aunty had a stronger aroma than my wife. It had a stimulating effect on my sex organ.

My hand first went to her fleshy tyre on her torso. My palm rested there for a few seconds without any movement. The cool flesh of the healthy aunty aroused my senses. Then I put my palms on her cool and fleshy nape. The aunty stood there with her head down and eyes closed. I was in no hurry and was enjoying my property-my sexy Madhavi aunty. I started moving my adept fingers and caressed the aunty on her erotic zone-her nape. Then I slowly pushed myself forward. Now my whole body was in contact with the entire backside of Madhavi aunty. My long hands encircled aunty from behind and the palms locked just above aunty's pussy. Now all of Madhavi's fleshy body was in my custody.
Madhavi must have been in another man's hands like this for the . I now dug my lips on her neck and brushed giving aunty a jump of .
My hardened dick was feeling Madhavi aunty's large fleshy buttocks. It appeared Madhavi had lost herself, because there was no resistance whatsoever.

I now forced the aunty to tilt her head and started teasing her thin but juicy lips with my lips. While the aunty felt the heat rising, I took her by and planted a huge kiss. The kiss was accompanied by fine maneuvering of the pubic area with both the hands. It was evident that the aunty had never experienced passionate sexual acts of this kind.

I rested my wide chin on the junction of neck and shoulder of the aunty and got into one of my most of frontal body of a curvy female. My nimble fingers moved in circles of different size and touched the erotic zones of the aunty. Every time I circled the aureole surrounding the, by now, erect nipple, the aunty gave a sexy shudder and tried to wriggle out of my clutch.

But now Madhavi was my slave and had no will of her own.

Now I turned Madhavi to face me. Madhavi was expecting that I would kiss her. I took her totally by surprise and sat down at her feet. Before she could guess what I was up to, I swiftly inserted my right hand inside her saaree and touched the pussy from outside her panties. Just a slight touch, that's all. Madhavi instantly withdrew her precious pious cunt inside and backwards. Was I the one to leave her? I started running my palm all over her inner thigh. "Aahhhhh".." said Madhavi. My exploring hands massaged real forced anal against her will aunty's quivering cunt several times. Madhavi was in delirium. Finally I pushed my fingers inside the panties and lo there I conquered the pious pussy of a wife. " aaammmhhh, aahaaa,aaaaaaaahh"." Said Madhavi.

I ran my fingers inside the sparse pubic hair of aunty. I caressed the labia majora very sensually. I squeezed the labia minor lightly. Aunty was swollen with excitement all over her cunt. I had to admit aunty had a grand beaver.

I relieved aunty of anticipation and tapped the proud button of a clitoris lovingly. Madhavi shuddered. I now caressed the clitoris with great love. When aunty started getting overwhelmed by pleasure, I increased it many folds by rubbing the clit hood repeatedly, but lightly as if a feather was masturbating her solid clitoris. Aunty visibly peaked and achieved her orgasm producing nasal sounds like "aanggghhh,aaahahahaaa,ammmmmmmaaaah"".She shuddered again, brought her hands suddenly down to save her dying clitoris and collapsed on the floor.

Satisfied with my performance I left the place leaving behind a dazed Madhavi Aunty.