The Elevator

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The Elevator

  Waking up from my sleep, I remembered that today was that day i was going to meet the man of my dreams. We had meet on the net but i was in love with him the /first-time/">first time i heard his voice. It came the time where we were both intrested in meeting with eachothere. I am 20 years old and hadnt ahd sex since i was 15 due to loss of intrest and school and now that i have graduated from /college/">college with a degree in /english/">english and in Psycology, i was ready to get back in the "Fuck Frenzy". The more i thought about this, the more heavier my eye lids got. Eventually, I feel asleep. I had a long day ahead of me. This i knew.

I woke up about 5:00 am sharp to drive to Las Vegas, Nevada. Thats where we were to meet later that day. I had broght along a couple of things with me even though i was only staying for a minimal of 7 hours or so. Who knows.. I might even spend the night. I arrived at the hotel at about 12:00 noon and went to my room. It was quite cozy. I started to think about the bed and its softness against my naked body taking /dick/dick-hard/">dick hard. I thoughtabout my body moving along with each strokeinmy pussy. My pussy then began to sweat out /sweet/">sweet and tangy juices. I felt a wave of pleasure come over myself. I decided that i should take a shower, now that i have dirtied my pussy. Undressing myself, I saw my camel toe. My panties were blue cotton and were very moist. I touched the outside of my panties. I felt an immense amount of pleasure strike on my clit. I stripped off /wet/wet-panties/my-wet-panties/">my wet panties and through them across the room. My beautiful,bald pussy odors sprung out and it smelled of a sweet scent. I ran my finger along my now puffy slit. I thought about him licking my pussy, my clit, fingering me hard, grabbing my ass. I began to rub my clit. I thought about my taking his dick hard in my mouth, sucking him off really good. I began to oragasm and the cum squirted out. Alot of it. I took my finger out of my pussy and licked the cumm off of my hand. I procedeeded to go into the shower. I poured the soap all over my body. I thought about the mystery mans appearance. I started to feel a sense of honryness stimulate my brain. As the soap bubbles hit my pussy, I began to think more and more about this mystery man. He was on my mind all the time. I was going to go /crazy/">crazy if i didnt taste him or sex in the next couple of hours.Even though i had a body to die for (34c, nice quarter dollar sized nipples, nice long sexy and strong legs, flat stomach one green eyes on blue eye, and a nice, full lips) I had never ever really been a slut. Now was my time.
    It was about 5:00. Time to get ready for my man. I put on a lacey, see through black and strapless bra and matching see through panties. I wanted to make sure this was a night we both would never forget and never believe in our wildest dreams. I put on my black dress and put lotion all over my body. I wore open too black pumps with not to short not to tall heels. I wanted this night, this very special occasion to be terrific. I then put on my most expensive perfume eau de toite and locked my room door. It was now time to meet my man. I walked into the elevator and soon i was down in the lobby. I saw him instantly. I walked over to him, trying hard to no show my hornyness and i sucedded.
 "Hello. I am looking for a man named Jeff. Are you that somebody?", I said with a mischievious smile on my face.
 "Yes, I am and you porn videos download have to be Summer McClain?", he asked.
 "Yes, I am. So, Jeff is it?", I paused  to let him linger about what i was going to say," what would you like to do on this lovely evening?"
" what do you wanna do?" He smiled at me
    I answered him by strutting towards the elevator. I was miraculously horny and I didnt want to "wait on the first date". When it is time for dick, its time for dick. He followed me. He said something about being glad to see me. I could here the hornyness in his voice, I just glanced back and short him a short, sexy and lusty smile. As we approached the elevator, we were the only ones inside and I was glad. I wanted to make out with him here. I couldnt keep my lips off him. He was neatly dressed, dark colored hair, no facial hair, perfect straight teeth, full pink lips, and nice muscles. I was so excited. The elevator was enormously spacious, good place to have a  good fuck. As I thought that, the elevator stopped at a halt and the lights flickered until it was just a dim lighting. I soon then brought him close to my body. As I felt him 6 pack against my own stomach, I started to get moist. I could tell the way he looked into my eyes that he smelt the sweet odors coming from my pussy. I stripped off his pants while passionately kissing him. He had striped briefs on. Even though they were corny, they was a dick inside and xxx I thought it was super sexy. The bulge in his briefs let me know it was time to come out.
        I pulled down his briefs to unleash hi 7" (roughly) /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. Boy, that blew me away. I felt alot of pleasure waves stimulate my pussy. He unzipped the back of my dress and uncovered my bra. You could see though the see thorugh and he acknowledged that my nipples were hard. HE undid my bra and pinched my nipples. I kissed his chest and went lower and lower untill my mouth met his dick. I started to lick his shaft and look up at him to see if he was enjoying it. I could tell he was enjoying it as much as i was. I inserted him hard cock into my warm mouth. It tasted so i great. I was glad that i was tasting dick again. I could feel his hand running through my hair. As his hand got heavier, I started to suck his dick immesely. His hand guiding my throat to go into his dick. Hishand got really heavy and i knew it was time for him to cum deep inside my throat. I got off of him and shook my head.
 " Not yet sweetie, I want your cumm in my pussy. But for now, eat me." I said lustfully

 He obeyed and pulled of my now soaking panties and throw them into my pile of clothes.  My pussy smelled even more stronger and he began to tease me as he slid his tounge up and down my slit. It felt soo good. I have not been active for five years and this was a little piece of heaven. He then dove into my pussy, licking it fast and making me moan really loud. He started to finger me really fast and then rub my clit. I was in heaven already. I was about to cum when he stopped and shook his head.
 "Not yet. i want you to cum on my dick." He said matching  my lustful request earlier.
  I was glad when he finally put his dick into my pussy. He was pumping it really hard while i was on the ground taking it. I wanted to get on top before we both cummed. I kissed him then took him to the groud. I grinded on his rock hard cock and he grabbed my hips and rocked me back and forth and bounced me up and down. Up and down and back and forth. It smelled like sex in the elevator and i liked it. He grabbed my waist even harder and really dug me into his dick. It felt so good coming inside me. All of a sudden i felt this powerful force come over me and it made me go even faster and faster. I wasnt going to stop untill we both were satisfied. I was going so fast untill he wantedto get ontop, and i let him. He put his dick so far in my pussy i could have came right then and there but i didnt. He went faster and harder and deeper into my pussy. The elevator carpet was soaked from my juices and from his pre-cum. Faster and harder deeper and faster and harder and deeper. I kept hearing myself saying "Now is my time". I finally had the best oragasm i have ever had and he did to. Unexspectedly, i called his name while i was cumming and that triggered his oragasm. I wasnt done and i wanted more. I got on all foursand directed his dick into my ass. He grabbed my waist and fucked me hard. I admit, I was enjoying it so much. I guided his hand on my clit and let him rub it with one finger and finger me with another. He fucked harder as i pinched my tits and a imensepleasure came over me as he shot his warm cum in my body and i came too. I cleaned his dick and made him cum one last time and he ate me out to give me the last oragasm fianle. I was once again satisfied.

            After we were dressed and ready to get going, the elevator started again. We went down and then we said our goodbyes and scheduled to do this again next week. As i went back into the hotel, I was riding with this guy. He was pretty sexy and then as i thought that, the elevator stopped again.

To be continued....