Layla and Dave Part 4

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Layla and Dave Part 4

’Go answer the door and find out’, she said. I asked if I should dress first, but her eyes told me no. Walking to the door with high anticipation, my mind raced at what was in store for me. Layla stopped me, told me told me to close my eyes and open the door. I looked her in the eyes, with my hand on the knob, closed them and opened the door.
I was pushed into the room, told by a female’s voice to keep my eyes shut, if I knew what was good for me. Her hands kept pushing into my chest and I found my knees buckling behind me as my body had found it’s way to the bed, and my head hit the mattress. From behind me, Layla pulled something over my face. It felt like a pillowcase, folded to make a blindfold. My cock was raging; my nuts were tight and tingling. With a swift movement, my stranger friend lightly stroked her hand up my thigh and teasingly brushed my nut sack. The same soft voice spoke again and said ’stroke it for me’. I did as instructed, and touched myself as I had in the shower earlier, but now the feeling was intensified.

I heard movement in the room, and felt a hand caressing the inside of my thighs. The fingers moved to my ass, and eased between my cheeks. My cheeks tensed at first, but soon relaxed, as another hand squeezed my balls. I heard a bottle of liquid being shaken; a snap lid flip open, then a warm thick liquid was squeezed between my ass cheeks. The fingers on my balls smeared the creamy liquid all around my /asshole/">asshole, then two fingers pushed into my hole. Layla and her friend were giggling and whispering to each other. Suddenly a strange object was prodding its way into my ass, it felt like a /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock.
The stranger moved in front of me where I was pushed to the bed earlier, my hands were pulled together and pulled as I was told to get up. Layla said to keep that cock in my ass and to not let it pop out as I walked. I was led to a chair, spun around, and told to sit still as I was guided into it. I heard Layla coming closer to me as they were still giggling and talking.

My blindfold was removed only to reveal the two lovely ladies standing in front of me, absolutely stark naked. As my eyes adjusted to the light and came into focus, I thought I was seeing double. Standing next to Layla was a girl that looked almost identical to her. Same sexy body, hair, tits, everything. My cock sprung to its fullest attention, and became so hard that I thought it was going to break the skin from stretching so far. My ass was still being stretched from the thick dildo stuck inside me, now being held in place by the chair. My hips were gyrating unconsciously, now beginning to enjoy the feeling of it.
Layla spoke and said, Dave, meet my little /sister/">sister Shirley. She likes to join me in a /good/good-sex/">good sex romp when I find a guy worth sharing. I was awestruck at the likeness of the two of them. I asked if they were /twins/">twins. Shirley said no, I am a lot younger than Layla. I took her in with my eyes, and just marveled at the thought of having both of them all to my self.
Shirley leaned over to me, tongued my ear and whispered to me we were all going to play, but first they wanted to give me a little show. Layla told me that I was to remain in the chair facing the bed, but I could not touch my cock while I watched them play. If I agreed, I would be rewarded nicely.

I sat back in the chair struggling to not touch my aching cock as the girls both crawled onto the bed showing me their dripping pussies doggie style. Layla turned around and lay on the bed with her head toward me and Shirley straddled her face. As she lifted her leg over I saw her cunt lips spread. Her labia was larger than her sister’s and glistening wet with her juices. Layla reached up and stroked her wetness as she tweaked her own nipples with the other hand. Shirley lifted Layla’s ass and put a pillow under her for better access to her juicy pussy. Both girls began to lick and suck on each other’s sex. The moans and heavy breathing came quickly as they pleasured each other feverishly. The time seemed endless as I wanted so desperately to join the girls, but in just minutes both were screaming of how their orgasms were approaching fast. Shirley’s hips were bucking, grinding her clit hard onto Layla’s mouth and she screamed, as she was cumming. Layla lay back and I witnessed Shirley’s pussy contract and open as she squirted the biggest dose of /girl/girl-cum/">girl cum I had ever seen all over her sister’s face and mouth. Layla placed her mouth over her sopping hole and began to suck the remaining juice out. Shirley’s orgasm subsiding, she went back to work on her sister’s cunt. Soon Layla’s hips were bucking and she too was screaming as she came. She was pinching and pulling her nipples, stretching her tiny tits as she too let out a gush of tasty girl cum, soaking the pillow and bed sheets.

The girls lay lifeless for a few minutes, catching their breath. They moved apart on the king sized bed and called for me to join them. I jumped out of the chair and dove to the bed. Layla said that I had done very well by not touching myself during their show, and now it was time to be rewarded. Both girls went for my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls taking turns swallowing my length down their throat. I was told to get on my knees, and Shirley slid beneath me taking me back in her hot mouth. Layla moved behind me, began fucking my ass with the dildo and stroking my balls. /mouth/mouth-fuck/fuck-her-mouth/">fuck her mouth Dave, she loves it. I began to slide my dick in and out as the cock in my ass pistoned in and out opposite of my strokes. Her lips were squeezing tightly and I felt the back of her throat as I fucked her mouth. My /climax/">climax approaching fast, both the girls picked up the pace as I moaned and let my jism loose into Shirley’s mouth, flooding it and pouring out the sides of her mouth. Layla pulled the pseudo-cock from my ass, Shirley slid out from beneath me and they joined in a deep passionate kiss, sharing my cum. Both of them licked the remains from each other’s faces and again kissed driving their tongues deep into the other’s mouth.
I lay back on the bed, catching my breath marveling at what had just happened. Shirley smiled at me and asked if I was ready for more. Hoping my cock would return to life, I agreed. She straddled my face and buried her muff on my mouth. Her pussy lips still swollen and wet, I took them in, one by one and sucked the remaining juices from them. Sliding my tongue up and down her slit and teasing her clit, she began to moan. Layla went to work on my cock, sliding her mouth up and down my length with a suction like I had never felt. Soon I was rock hard again. Lay told her sister that I was ready. She slid her body down my chest leaving a trail of her juices and my saliva. She kissed me deeply as I felt her cunt touch the tip of my dick. I could still taste my /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth as her tongue swirled in my mouth. She sat up and began to sink herself down onto my cock. The feeling was wonderful, as she was so tight and wet. She whimpered a bit as I stretched her hole. Layla told me that Shirley had never had such a big cock in her young pussy. Shirley finally took my length all the way in her and she rotated her hips stretching herself, adjusting to my size. She again smiled at me, leaned down and whispered in my ear, ’I’m only 15’. Pushing herself back upright, she began to slide up and down my cock, lubricating it. Soon she was moving faster, up and down, accustomed to my size now. She began to cum again. I felt Layla’s hand near my balls, lubing her fingers and she pushed two fingers into Shirley’s asshole. Shirley screamed, bucked her hips back and forth and let loose with another gush of cum again soaking the sheets beneath me and soaking my sex. The warm rush of her cum and her pussy muscles contracting on my cock triggered my own orgasm. I shot my load deep into her, her legs clinching me tightly. She collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily. My cock, losing it’s hardness slipped from her hole and our mixed juices began to flow from her. Layla moved in and began to clean us up with her tongue, sucking up all the juices.

We dressed, said our thanks and good-byes, and they were gone. Headed for the shower, I entered the bathroom. On the mirror, scrawled in red lipstick was their phone number with a note to call them next time I was in town.

I wrote the number wwwxxx down and slipped it in my wallet, thinking to myself how soon I could plan another /trip/">trip the wwwxxx to this wonderful small town.