Hot tub debut

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Hot tub debut

’There, that should be sorted now. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m sure you’ll get lots of fun and pleasure from it from now on.’
’Thank you so much. We’ve been really looking forward to using it. How long until I can get in?’

Sue had been so disappointed when blowjob porn videos her newly delivered hot tub wouldn’t heat up the water, but now the engineer had fixed it she couldn’t wait to give it a try.
’The water should be up to temperature in 20 mins’
’Fab. Would you mind waiting to make sure it heats up OK? I’ll make you a cuppa.’ The smile and the flutter of the eyelashes ensured that he would wait.

As they drank their tea the small talk became more flirtatious. She was a very attractive woman with a nice toned body, and she was used to men flirting with her. Normally she didn’t give them a second glance, but there was something about this guy, although she couldn’t put her finger on it.
’Should be ready in about 5 minutes’ he said ’Do you want to go and get your swimsuit and I’ll wait to make sure the temperature’s OK for you?’
’What makes you think I’m going to wear a swimsuit?’ she giggled.

She watched the effect this comment had on him with great amusement. His mouth dropped and his eyes opened wide. And when she glanced down she saw that the bulge in his jeans had grown.
’Are you serious?’ he asked
’About what?’
’About going in the hot tub in the nude?’
’Of course. Why, would you like to join me?’

He was now completely unsure of himself and completely unsure of how serious she was.
’What would your husband say?’
’We can ask him. He’ll be home shortly’

With that she started slowly and deliberately to undress in front of him, making sure she maintained maximum eye contact. He struggled to take in what was happening, though he had to admit he was enjoying it. Soon she was standing fully naked in front of him, letting his eyes drink in the sight of her /athletic/">athletic body with her pert firm breasts. Seeing his confusion she grabbed his hand and led him back out to the hot tub.
She lowered herself in and let out a little squeal of delight.
’It’s lovely. Just the right temperature. Are you going to join me?’
’Err, well I’d love to, but it doesn’t seem right, and your husband’s due home and...’

Before he could say any more they heard the front door slam and Sue’s husband, Bill walked through.
’Hey, fantastic it’s working’ he grinned. ’Can I join you darling?’
Without waiting for an answer he started to undress. Looking up at the engineer, who appeared to be totally transfixed, he said ’Hasn’t she invited you to join us?’
’Well yes, but I wasn’t sure’
’Come on, it’ll be fun’

By now Bill was down to his boxers which were doing little to hide the outline of his /erection/">erection. As he slipped them off his cock sprang to attention and Sue and the engineer both let out a little gasp at the sight of how hard and rigid it looked.
’Your turn’ smiled Sue and he finally decided that may as well take up the invitation. Soon both men were standing there naked, their hard cocks pointing straight out, seeking attention. At Sue’s gesture they both sat down on the edge of the hot tub, allowing her to kneel in front of them and take a cock in either hand. As she wanked milf porn videos them both slowly but firmly she took first one then the other into her mouth, sucking and teasing them with her tongue.

The whole scenario was just too much for the engineer and he started to jerk his hips as Sue felt his cock tense in her hand. As he started to shoot cum the first load landed on her breasts. For the rest she managed to get him into her mouth and she sucked greedily as she felt him shudder again and again. Eventually he became still and she looked at up at both men and showed them her open mouth, still full of cum, which she proceeded to swallow, before using her finger to scoop the rest off her breasts.
The engineer watched in amazement as she offered her cum covered fingers to her husband who sucked and licked them clean.

Sue looked up at his shocked face ’You never seen a man taste cum before?’
’Well no actually.’
’Maybe you should try it sometime!’
’I’d rather taste you’

With that he lowered himself into the tub and manoeuvred her around so she was part floating on her back and part supported by her legs on top of his shoulders as he buried his head between them.
As his tongue went to work on her clit she twisted her head round so she could keep sucking and wanking Bill. Sue was having a fantastic time with her husband’s /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in her hand and another guy alternating between licking her click and actually sticking his tongue inside her pussy.

As he licked her, the engineer eased her buttocks apart and inserted one finger inside her. Now as she bucked her hips forward she pressed her clit onto his eager tongue and as she went back down she felt his finger inside her. The sensation was too much and she started to thrash about in the water as her orgasm raced tingling through her body.

As she climaxed she unconsciously gripped Bill harder and increased the speed of her hand. The end result was him starting to come just as she finished. She kept up the pace of her wanking as he shot his load all over her face and hands. Just as he finished coming he looked down to see the engineer take his still hard cock into his mouth, sucking every last bit of cum from it, before helping Sue to lick her fingers clean.

’Well everything seems to be working just fine’ grinned Sue. ’Maybe you’d like to pay us a social call at the weekend?’