Watching my buddy and his GF

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Watching my buddy and his GF

Sorry for the long break between stories, things have been really busy for me lately. The events in this story took place last fall. I know your probably thinking "why has it taken you so long to write them down"? Trust me when I say 3 months ago or not, I doubt Ill ever forget this night. First, let me go through the formalities of introducing the people involved in this one. Of course you know me by now (I hope), Im Josh, 29, 6 tall, average build with light brown hair and amazingly blue eyes. I like to think Im a little above average in the looks department, have a pretty good sense of humor, and I do okay with the ladies. Nick, one of my best friends, is 24, and is a cliche factory. Tall, dark and handsome? Check. Italian Stallion? Check. I could go on but why bother.

Basically, hes a very good looking guy that always seems to turn ladies heads. Hes 6 feet 2 inches tall and works out about 3-4 times a week so hes in great shape. And if his looks dont get you, his personality will. He is the eternal charmer and I honestly dont think he knows that he has that much of an effect on people. Nicks girlfriend, Casey, is the kinds of girl you would expect a guy like to date. Shes tall (for a girl) blonde, thin and beautiful. Shes funny, smart, and has a great rack which definitely never hurts, haha. The two of them had been going out for a while and made a great couple. Last there is Tim. There is no need to describe Timmy because hes not really an important part of what happened.

So the four of us had a trip to Boston planned for early October. It started out as me and Nick going to visit a buddy of ours and by the time of the trip things worked out where Casey was able to get the weekend off of work and we talked Timmy into joining us which wasnt too hard to do. The drive wasnt too /bad/">bad and we made it there in about 10 hours with a few stops along the way. Somehow, Nick got us an amazing deal at the Liberty Hotel. First off, its an amazing hotel (used to be an old /jail/">jail they turned into a hotel) and its a great location. We got there around dinner time on Friday night and decided to grab a quick bite to eat so we could come back and get ready to go out that night. Our buddy Darryn couldnt meet up with us until Saturday because his work schedule got all fucked up which none of us, especially him, was happy about. We decided to make the best of it and went out to a few pubs Darryn recommended. We ended up at the bar he worked at by about 10pm and thats when the night began.

Darryn fed us all the free drinks he could not to mention a few (try 5) rounds of shots. Needless to say, between the drinks after dinner, beers along our pub crawl, and Darryns bar, we all got sloppy drunk. Timmy, not Casey, ended up the drunkest of us four and was having trouble standing by the time 12:30 rolled around. Casey wanted to get him back to our hotel but Id been talking to a waitress there who was smoking hot and according to Darryn "a /sweet/">sweet girl, but no angel". talked Nick into staying a little longer but Casey decided she would help Timmy back to our hotel (Darryns bar wasnt far from it). Me and Nick stayed a little longer so I could chat with Lizzy. It didnt even seem like 5 minutes passed when it was time to go. Needless to say I was kinda horny by this point but Lizzy and Darryn were still gonna be a few hours before they were done with their cleanups so me and Nick said our drunken goodbyes and went back to our hotel.

When we got back xxx sex video download free com to the hotel, Timmy was passed out in the middle of the bed like a corpse. I called the bed before we went out but he was out cold at this point. It wouldnt have been that a big deal except the beds in our room were definitely NOT queen sized beds and the couch was more like a big chair. Casey was in the other bed but I dont think she was asleep yet. Me and Nick both stripped down to our boxers and I jokingly pushed him out of the way so I could get to the pisser before him. Nick walked in with a towel and I mumbled something to him about being a queer for walking in while I was still pissing. He shot back that nobody can piss that long and I was probably rubbing one out thinking about Lizzy. I finished pissing and tried to give him a ball tap as I walked by but he was expecting it and blocked it. I grabbed the comforter and pillow and tried to get comfy on the tiny couch. Nick was in the shower for what seemed like an hour. I was dozing off to sleep when I heard the water finally shut off and Nick noisely closing the shower door. The couch was right next to their bed and the way the moonlight was coming through the window gave me a great view once my eyes adjusted. I noticed Caseys eyes blink and she kept rustling around which led me to believe she was still awake. It took me a second to realize that I could see the top of Caseys breasts as she laid on her back on their bed. Still somewhat horned up from all of Lizzys flirting, that was all it took to get me going again. I tried to ignore it and hoped all of the alcohol consumed that night would let me doze off quickly.

Nick finally exited the bathroom and I could see in the moonlight he was wearing only his boxers. He went straight to the bed and just before getting under the covers, he slipped his boxers off. I caught of glimpse of his dick and either he was a little horned up himself or he was more /hung/">hung than I thought he was. He climbed into bed and pulled the covers over him as he snuggled up next to Casey. I heard her sigh a bit as he pulled her close to him. I heard Nick whispering to her but for being close enough to reach over and touch the edge of their bed I could barely make anything out. Now, I wouldnt call either of them a prude, but neither of them would ever be called an exhibitionist or anything like that. Ive always considered myself a bit of a voyeur, so the situation had me begging for something to happen. If anything was going to happen though, I figured I better look like I was passed out on the couch. I sexxxx video ful hd positioned my arm over my head to screen my eyes from them but still give me a full view of everything.

I was able to hear what sounded like some caressing and could see and hear them making out. They were definitely trying to be quiet but both of them had just enough alcohol in them to not be able to judge how quiet they really were being. Then I heard Nick whisper to Casey to stop. A few seconds go by and Nick tell Casey to stop or he wont be able to if she kept it up. I couldnt hear what Casey whispered back but I saw Nick raise his head and peak over at Timmy, laugh, and whisper back to Casey that Timmy looked like he was dead. I tried to deepen my breathing to make it sound like I was fast asleep as soon as I heard that. Then I heard Nick call my name in a louder whisper. I froze, but tried keep my deep sleep act going. My heart was pounding with excitement thinking about what might be next so it was not an easy task. I almost blew it when out of nowhere, Nick reached over and tapped my arm, saying calling my name louder than the /first-time/">first time. Luckily, my arm fell off the couch and I let it dangle like i was passed out asleep. It must have worked because I heard covers rustle and Nick whisper to Casey that he was pretty sure I was out cold too.

As much as I wanted to open my eyes all the way, I didnt want to get caught being awake so I barely squinted them open. I could make out enough of the two love birds to realize they were no longer worried about me being awake. Nick was closest to me and on his back with Casey leaning on him as they kissed. She was caressing his chest with her left hand and stroking his hair with the other. Nicks hands were both under the covers but I could see that he was feeling up her ass. Sometimes getting screwed out of a bed has its advantages. First off, I would have probably been fast asleep if I was on the other bed and secondly, being that Timmy fell asleep on top of the covers, I was using the comforter from Nick and Caseys bed. This meant that all they had for covers was a sheet and knit blanket that left very little to the imagination. They continued in this position for a while until Nick pulled Casey directly over top of him. She hovered her face over his and flashed her killer smile at him before going in for another long kiss. I could Caseys ass making a circular motion under the covers now as she was sensually grinding down on Nick. This didnt go on for long before Nick started thrusting up making Casey buck ever so slightly. I figured this was it, they were full on fucking now, but oh was I wrong.

Nick whispered something to Casey, who reached over to her side of the bed and after some digging around, held up what looked like a condom wrapper. I almost moaned when I saw it because I knew I hadnt seen anything yet. I dont think my brain could have processed this whole scene fully sober, let alone with the buzz I had going. Of all my friends, I would never of thought Id witness these two having sex only a few feet away from me. Wed slept over each others places before and I know for a fact theyd had sex atleast a few of those times, but ALWAYS in their own room. Casey uses her teeth to open the wrapper and hands the condom to Nick. He taps the side of her ass under the covers and she slides off of him. His dick was standing straight up, pushing the covers away from his body, as he lay on his back. Ive seen his dick before, but seeing it again just makes me silently curse him for being so well endowed. Id guess its somewhere between 8 or 9 inches, but under the covers like that it looked bigger. Nick got the condom situated and with lightning quickness scoops up Casey and tosses her on her back with right between her legs. Casey wasnt expecting him to do that and let out a fairly loud squeal. They both sat perfectly still as he shushed her and she yelled at him in a whisper that he was an asshole for doing that without telling her. Once they were both satisfied everyone was still asleep, they started making out again. Nicks hands worked their way up her body and were all over her tits, squeezing them, smashing them together, and squeezing some more. Eventually he pulled Caseys nightie down just enough to expose her nipples.

Now, Id seen Casey in a bikini before, Id seen her in a nightie before, and Id even caught a glimpse of a partial bare breast lounging around in a loose tee before as I was around the two of them quite a bit, but this was definitely a first. Casey was a solid 8.5 to 9, which is a helluva compliment as I dont throw too many of those out there. Seeing her bare breast is one thing, seeing them both getting worked over like this was another.

Nick continued assaulting her nipples with his tongue as he pushed them together. Casey had her eyes closed and was grabbing his hair with both hands. She started pushing down on his head and Nick took the hint. He kissed and licked his way down to what must have been a very moist pussy by now. To my dissappointment, Casey pulled the covers up over her breasts. By doing so, she exposed Nicks ass he was crouched at the foot of the bed, going to town on her swollen lips. I didnt think Nick was too fond of going down on chicks but I guess he made an exception for Casey. Luckily, her breasts were not covered up for long as Nick tried pulling the covers back over himself as he made his way back up the bed. In doing so, I saw the his giant rod with the condom barely covering half of it. Nick went back to his previous position, flicked her nips with his tongue a few more times. He whispers "are you ready?" to her and Casey nods her head yes. Nick whispers to her that they have to be quiet and she just flashes that killer smile again. In the process of them moving all around, the covers werent exactly covering them completely anymore. Nick made a feable attempt to pull the covers down below his ass but I could see both of their legs and Caseys tits as the only area completely covered at this point was from just below Nicks ass to just below Caseys tits. This was just fine by me.

Im not even sure what time it was by now, but I didnt care. What I was anticipating was going to happen next, Id only fantasized about. We had shared a room a few times before this but nothing even close to this remotely happened between these two when I was around. Nick placed both his hands on either side of Casey like he was about to do a pushup. Caseys hands disappeared under the covers and from the look of ecstacy on her face, shed guided Nicks giant cock deep inside of her. Nick started out slow and I could see even though he was going slow, he seemed to be going all the way into her with each thrust. This caused Casey to wrap her legs around Nick and grab onto his biceps with her hands. Nick would slowly push all the way into her, smile down, then slowly back. He did this for a while before Casey pulled him close to her so he was laying on her with all his weight. Nick carressed her hace and hair as he was still deep inside of her, never stopping his slow strokes. The weight of his body were smashing her tits down and they looked so amazing I could barely keep myself from reaching out and grabbing em.

Like I said, I would never of guessed either one of them would ever do this so openly. Granted they thought me and Timmy were asleep, but still, this was very unlike Nick or Casey. That said, I think Casey would of let the whole world watch at this point as the look on her face was one of needing to be fucked. She wanted it so bad and Nick was doing all he could to not to fuck her brains out with wreckless abandon. Casey whispered something to Nick and I saw him adjust his position a bit. Nick was picking up the pace now, fucking her like a machine. Every so often one of them would whisper something and theyd slow down for just a bit before picking things back up. Soon enough, Nick was reaching the point where it was getting difficult to not make some noise. Both of them were breathing hard, they were obviously sweating as the oh too familiar sound of wet bodies smacking together was filling the room, but the bed was actually fairly quiet as it was on a solid base and the headboard was attached to the wall. There were a few times when Casey would start to let out an audible moan and Nick would cover her mouth his trying to muffle her sounds. Maybe my perception of time was off that night, but they kept this up for what seemed like an hour. I was ready to make a trip to the bathroom a long time ago to take care of myself for fucks sake. I didnt know how much more of this I could handle let alone the two of them.

By now, the covers had slid all the way off Nicks back and ass and only covered their legs. Im not sure when exactly that happened because by this point I was in voyeur heaven. The moonlight was letting in the perfect amount of light and I could see pretty much everything. Both of their bodies were nearly flawless. The muscles in Nicks back and ass kept flexing with each thrust into Casey. Every time he pulled back I could see just enough of her smooth body and tight stomach. She was so hot and the looks on her face as she was getting fucked were ones that would be saved in the old spank bank for a long, long time. I cant say Nick was fucking her for all he was worth because if he was, she wouldnt be able to keep from screaming out of passion. He was still giving it to her pretty good though and even had to put his hand over mouth a few times when her "ooohhhs" got a little too loud. It sounded like Nick was getting close now, as even his "ahhhs" and "ughhs" were getting louder.

Just then I hear him say in a very loud whisper "Im gonna cum, Im gonna cum!" The next 30 seconds or so of fucking became fast and furious as Nick pounded her pussy and he had to cover her mouth with both his hands before finally letting out a big "ughhh" followed by 5 or 6 more grunts. Nick collapsed next to Casey, both of them exposed to me in the moonlight. Both of their chests were heaving up and down as they tried to catch their breath. Nicks cock was still rock hard and looked absolutely huge, laying flat on his stomach, completely spent. The condom looked like it was going to burst it was so full of cum. Caseys tits were glistening with sweat and her nipples were rock hard. Her body was smooth and so beautiful lying there after being satisfied beyond belief. I have to believe the idea of fucking in the same room as two of their friends had to be somewhat exciting to them and only added to the amazing fuck I had just witnessed. Casey reached for Nicks cock but he wasnt ready for it to be touched yet.

Finally, he got up and went to the bathroom to clean himself up. I was so horny still yet I knew I couldnt go to the bathroom anytime soon to take care of it which sucked. I had a pretty bad case of blue balls the next day which everyone kept making fun of me for. They kept blaming it on Lizzy, the waitress from the bar the night before. Ha, if only they knew. Deep down, I have a feeling they actually did know.