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People lucky enough to have been thrown into a volcano. Perhaps for not saying 'Bless you' after someone sneezed, Haw Par Villa Singapore

Hell on Singapore – Haw Par Villa

Following closely in the heels of my blog about the Meguro Parasitological Museum I thought it only fair that I continue to bring you stories full of gore and torment. Singapore didn’t generally float my boat, I found it rather dull compared to its regional cousins. It seems that quite a few backpackers feel the […]
Things eating dead flesh, Meguro Parasitological Museum, Tokyo

Tokyo’s Meguro Parasitological Museum got under my skin…

Tokyo was a bit of strange city for me. ¬†Some museums were shut when they weren’t supposed to be and large swathes of others were shut for renovation but still cost full whack. ¬†After we’d visited the Ghibli Museum that led us to look further down our Tokyo hit-list and head towards the Meguro Parasitological […]

Zhaoqing and Dinghu Shan

After a pretty easy journey we arrived bright and early in Zhaoqing. We got our picture taken by a girl we’d been chatting to on the train and strolled out the main entrance straight into a massive chorus of ‘HELLO!’ from about 40 cabbies all vying for our fare. We approached cautiously when they were […]

Gulang Yu (AHA!)

Whenever I say “Gulang Yu” that bloody ABBA song makes me go “Aha!” in my mind… Tweet