Great things ARE small packages – compression sac review

I would like to take the opportunity right now to say that I am in no way affiliated with or paid by Eagle Creek. Because I’m about to gush about their incredible bags, capable of reducing the puffiest coat to the size of a ream of A4 paper.

Eagle Creek Pack It Compressor sacs are awesome.  Hands-down the best piece of kit I’ve invested in for Backpacking. I picked up the S/M/L sizes set for about £27 which may seem pricey when you think you’re buying plastic bags but the increased joy of traveling these ‘packing solutions’ give you is so valuable it’s more than justifiable!

You just select the clothes you want to take away with you, put them neatly on top of each other inside the bag, zip it shut and then roll them up inside the bag as per the instructions. Hey presto! All the clothes you need now take up as much space as a couple of stacked toilet rolls. Superb.

There is a clear correlation between the size of your pack and the discomfort you feel from it. These packs (sorry, ‘sacs’) dramatically shrink your clothes so that you have far more space in your bag and therefore far less discomfort. There’s also the olfactory discomfort of travel to consider. These bags are great for separating out clean clothes from dirty so that there’s no cross-contamination or stink seepage into the main pack. Granted, the smallest bag is probably a little too small for most uses but it can take my microfibre travel towel with ease.

Here’s a video of how great the compression is on these, even when you pack like an idiot.

I now travel with a 35l backpack capable of containing all the clothes I need, plus a netbook, study books for my uni course, sandals, towel, toilet roll and toiletries, adaptors, compact digital camera, sun-cream, after sun, mosquito repellent, and a few souvenirs along the way. It’s just so much easier than before and if anything I’m forced to carry more crap now that I wouldn’t take unless I had to – these make that possible.

Therefore my future travels promise to be even more spacious. I can’t wait. Get yourselves some of these things because I guarantee that you’ll love them.

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