Kneedless delays, changes of direction, and a new website.

I haven’t been a very busy boy for the past two weeks. Or rather, I haven’t walked or explored much at all because of a relatively serious knee injury that is still niggling me two weeks after it was damaged walking a bit too much of the Thames Path. Water on the knee, YOUCH!

I have however been pretty busy preparing to branch out into another website. I want to provide a better focus for walks and paths on the outside rim of London. There are plenty of sites dedicated to the inner London Boroughs and the multitudes of walks that turn any map of that area into a spider’s web, but there is relatively little that encourages Londoners to turn their backs on the centre of town for the rolling green belt and the peculiarities of the outer London suburbs. My new site,, will be my regular blog of all my walks in London but I will try hard to keep it focused on the outer Boroughs, and in particular South London – because it’s what I know best and it’s also greatly neglected by tourism and Londoners alike. It’s not live yet, but I will announce when it is.

Therefore I want to re-dedicate towards unusual destinations, amazing destinations, and tips & gear. These will still aim to probe UK places of interest but the prime focus will be ‘wandering from the course’ of usual backpacker destinations.

So, while I try to stop my knee being rubbish I sit here ruing a huge missed opportunity to join several friends cycling around the Low Countries for 5 days. Alas it wasn’t to be but it fixes my resolve to really push on with this and squeeze as much enjoyment out of my free time as my wallet and my body will allow!

Please stay tuned to Expatior to read, in the next month or so, about obscure places to visit in Serbia, Mauritius, Spain, and France. I hope you all continue to enjoy the site but I hope that residents of, or visitors to, London among my readership will take the time to pop along to Walk around London and learn about walks that will definitely help them to see the massive worth that lies beyond central London.


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