Sleep tight – Thermarest Neo-Air inflatable mattress review

If you’re anything like me you’ll relish your sleep.  There’s little better than having a comfortable place to crash.  When it comes to camping that has been cruelly denied to me for my whole life so far.  But now I have a lovely new lightweight sleeping mattress to whisk me off to nod, keeping me off the cold ground and away from nobbly rocks.

As part of my drive towards super-lightweight equipment stockpiling before my trek to Skye I needed to tick off a sleeping mattress.  A fair bit of research tended to bring me back to the same conclusion, that the Therm-a-Rest Neoair Camping Matwas the best-regarded out there.  I slightly grudgingly paid about the dauntingly hefty cost and took possession of my own one.  When it arrived I was pleased with how small it was.  I opened its little bag and had a go inflating it.  The material is fairly quiet to lie on when fully-inflated but does feel like I have to be super-careful not to puncture it, even though there is a single puncture patch included.  I’m assured from other reviews that it’s more robust than it feels.  Nevertheless I shall be segregating all pointy objects away from the inside of my tent once I get going.My first use of the mattress came on a night I knew I would be drunkenly collapsed at a friend’s house.  He had just had his first child and we spent the evening sousing ourselves with (I think) Japanese whiskey and normal red wine.  Ever-prepared (but never a boy-scout) I brought the little pack and slept very nicely on it.  I was only awoken by the sound of Zak screaming into the toilet the following morning.

In August I went to a friend’s wedding which was an all-camping affair in a field.  Excellent opportunity to use my mattress!  In combination with my lovely sleeping bag it passed with absolutely flying colours.

Apparently it weighs only 410g so it’s a great addition to my already pretty nifty load.

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